Research Collaborators

Our company contracts a variety of scientists that have specific expertise for a particular project. Depending on the project requirements we always strive to hire the highest qualified brain imaging scientists. 

Research Advisors

Cognimetrix has close relationships with leading scientists in the field of Brain Imaging. We can access their expertise when it becomes necessary for the project. 


We have over 70 of such top Scientific Collaborators and Advisors ready to work with you. Here are a few of them:

•   Dr. Luis Garcia Dominguez

MEG and EEG analyst. University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital

•   Dr. Marc Hickeson

Program Director, Department of Nuclear Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

•   Dr. Alex Kiss

Manager Department of Research Design and Biostatistics, Sunnybrook Research Institute, University of Toronto

•   Dr. Irene Panushkin

An expert algorithm and software developer with experience in imaging software

•   Dr. Vivien Rekkas

FMRI and PET analyst, scientist at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Research Imaging Centre



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